Would you like to be a social media influencer? 

This is the question I got asked when I was approached by a marketing company to promote a new product that helps people who suffer from IBS.

My answer: Err, yes much?!

Writing this blog has been therapeutic for me, I like to see what progress has been made and what conclusions I have come to about running, yoga, clean(er) eating and also my struggles with IBS and widespread food intolerances.

I write it in the hope that people read it and it will make a difference, and in some places I know it does, a few friends have told me they read it and enjoy the fact that they know me better from it, some have started running or gone to a yoga class and others have tried a few recipes I’ve written about.

From Twitter I’ve seen some great response to a few of my articles about running, my latest one about women’s shorts being too short was really warmly received by many women who have the same problem, through my blog we chatted to each other, shared advice and solved a few problems – it felt great!

So when I was asked to try a new product that helped with IBS, and asked if I could use my ‘social media influence’ to blog about it I obviously said yes! Aside from helping one to two people by making them aware of the product, I might even find a solution for something that will help me too!

So what is this magic product?

Here’s a little bit of information for you…

VSL#3 is a poly-biotic, or food supplement aimed at erasing symptoms of IBS, it can’t cure it, but it can help by easing the pain and it does this by lining your gut with healthy bacteria.

It’s only day one so I’ve yet to see how this will affect me, but I’m excited to see what changes this will hopefully make to my comfort day to day, and can’t wait to track my progress on here!

Find out more about VSL#3 here.


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